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Email is simple for users because the email provider handles the complexity on the backend. However, even with the advancement in communication technologies, email remains a significant means of communication for you and your team/customers.

According to The Radicati Group report in 2021, the daily sent and received volume of emails by businesses and customers are projected to exceed 319 billion and rise to over 375 billion by 2025.

A free email service like [email protected] may be enough in the beginning stages of a business. But as your company grows, you will need to provide each employee with an email account, and that’s when investing in a dedicated Email Hosting service becomes necessary.

7 Features to Look for in the Best Email Hosting Services

  1. Spam & Virus Filter

A spam filter identifies and blocks unwanted, unsolicited, and virus-infected emails, preventing them from reaching a user’s inbox. When selecting a hosted spam filtering service, it’s crucial to choose one that includes antivirus protection to detect and eliminate malicious email attachments. 

The best business Email Hosting plan will allow you to have complete control over the spam filter settings to set the threshold and either tag the email or prevent it from being delivered altogether.

  1. Mailbox Size

On your hosting account, you can create personalized email addresses known as mailboxes. Therefore, looking for Email Hosting in NZ that allows you to create mailboxes directly within your account is necessary to ensure you have complete control over your email. 

For instance, if your website is hosted at example.com, you can create a mailbox with the email address [email protected].

  1. Enhanced Technical Support 

Another crucial factor to consider is technical support. 

It’s vital to ensure that the email provider offers technical support, not just customer service, to assist you with technical issues that may arise promptly.

  1. Autoresponders 

An autoresponder feature allows you to set up an automatic reply when an email is sent to a specific email address. You can easily turn this feature on or off. 

You can use autoresponder messages to send essential messages to subscribers passively, move leads through the marketing funnel, and send personalized messages to specific segments of your email list.

  1. Sufficient Storage

When considering an email service, it’s also necessary to consider the amount of hard drive space or storage required, particularly if you need to download large files. 

While some email services have a storage limit of around 2GB, some best Email Hosting services offer more extensive storage options.

  1. Reliability with 99% Uptime Guarantee

Businesses cannot afford to have their emails hosted on unreliable servers that frequently experience downtime, which can cost them thousands of dollars per hour. 

Therefore, looking for an Email Hosting service that guarantees at least 99% uptime is essential.

  1. Ease of Accessibility with POP3 / IMAP Support

Finally, selecting an email service that allows access to your email from any device with an internet connection is crucial. 

Additionally, consider whether your hosting service supports POP3 or IMAP to ensure optimal email access. While POP3 only allows access to one device at a time, IMAP allows multiple devices to access email simultaneously.


It’s crucial to consider the essential features an NZ Email Hosting plan should have when selecting one for your business. Today, it is easy to find a professional Email Hosting provider or business Email Hosting service. 

Cloud Email Hosting providers have made it easy to add your domain to the email service, create new accounts for your team, and import their old data. 

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