How To Choose The Perfect Diamond Pendant That Suits your Budget

Necklaces can be boring without a pendant. Pendants can enhance the beauty of the chain you’re wearing on your neck and can add beauty to the wearer.  Pendants come in different colors, shapes, sizes and materials. One of the stunning pendants to opt for is the diamond pendant. The question would be how to choose the perfect diamond pendant that suits your budget? Custom diamond pendants can be a good choice since you can incorporate the designs you have in mind. 

Which Diamond Is Best For the Pendant?

There are several factors to consider in choosing the best diamond for your pendant, such as:


Getting a good quality diamond will be a good choice since it can make your pendant have durability and longer life.  When checking on the quality, you can use the 4cs to know what is the best option for your pendant.

  • Cut

Choose the shape you want for your pendant, such as heart, round, princess, cushion, oval and many more. Once you have chosen one to have your diamond cut using the right dimensions, you will be able to make your diamond shape look proportioned no matter what size it is.Each size has an equivalent standard measurement. Also, make sure to choose an expert diamond cutter. An unproportioned diamond cutting will not only make your shape unpresentable but also more prone to getting broken. 

  • Color

The color of the diamond can vary according to your preference. Diamonds may look colorless, but there are fancy colored diamonds. The more colorless the diamond, the more expensive it is. So it will be your choice. If you opt for a colorless one or one that has obvious shades, then it is your call. 

  • Clarity 

A diamond without any blemishes would be best to use on your pendant. However, unlike rings, people wouldn’t actually mind if your pendants have inclusions. Unlike rings, pendants can not be examined closely, it would be awkward for someone to stick their face on your neck to check those diamonds in your pendant. 

  • Certification

All diamonds bought should come with a certificate, so when buying a diamond pendant, a certificate from GIA should come with it. This can assure you that your diamond is authentic. At least you can have peace of mind knowing that you paid for your money’s worth. Diamonds need to get tested before passing the evaluation and have a certificate released. With this certificate, you can be assured that your diamond passes the standard quality of a diamond.  


A setting for your pendant can make it more attractive. The setting includes metals to  be used and the design. Platinum and gold can be good choices since they don’t tarnish. You can choose between 14k or 18k, whichever fits your budget. For the design settings, prongs are usually used. Around 4 to 6 prongs are used to hold the diamond in place on the pendant. A bezel setting is also used. This is a good setting to secure the diamond. In this setting, the diamond is surrounded by  metal to secure the diamond in place as well as protect it from getting damaged. You can check out the best diamond pendant designs for inspiration. 


Knowing how much you can afford to have that pendant made is relevant. Since this can determine what kind of pendant will be produced. Create a layout of your desired pendant and get a quotation on how much it will cost you, then you can decide on the budget. Or the other way around, set a budget and ask your jeweler what would be the best pendant to get within your budget. So, if you’ll ask what is a good size for a diamond pendant? This can depend on your budget too. 

These are good guidelines to follow on how to choose the perfect diamond pendant that suits your budget. In that way, you can easily decide on what pendant to have. By having a lay-out and features of the pendant you want to have, it will be easier to have it created. Get the advice of your jeweler since they know best when it comes to putting pieces together to make that dream pendant of yours into reality.