Guide To The Federal Tax Credit For Solar

Homeowner's Guide to the Federal Tax Credit for Solar Photovoltaics |  Department of Energy

Federal tax credits are given to residents who have solar panel systems installed in their homes. This is one way of the government encouraging people to shift to solar power as their source of energy. The common source of energy now is that of fossil fuels which produce toxic gases upon use. The environment is getting damaged and causing risk and danger to the planet and humans. That’s why the government is trying to let people be aware of the damage and educate people about the importance of shifting to renewable energy instead. Rebates and incentives for solar panels installed in your property are given to motivate more people to do the energy resource shift. Here is some guide to the federal tax credit for solar to enlighten you more. 

Are There Any Incentives For Installing Solar Panels?

Yes, there are several incentives you can get aside from the benefits you can reap when you decide to have a solar panel installation. 

Federal Solar Tax Credit

This incentive is given to residents who purchase solar panel systems. The offer for residents who have their solar panel system installed between the start of 2020 to the end of the year 2022 will be given a 26% federal solar tax credit. 

Rebate from State Governments

Aside from the federal solar tax credit, a rebate is also given which can amount to $1,000 and this is just a one-time rebate. This incentive is usually paid directly to the solar providers, then serves as a price reduction to the solar panel owners.

Net Metering 

Upon installation, your solar panel system is connected to the grid. Net metering is a process where you can send excess energy to the electricity grid coming from your solar panel system. If your solar panel system produces more than what you need, it sends energy to the grid which can be credited under your account. It can be used as a payment for your bill, or they can credit it back to you in the form of electricity just in case you need extra in the future. Whichever way, it will serve as an additional incentive for you. 

Rebate from Solar Providers 

Some solar providers give rebates to their clients. This is usually a part of their marketing strategy to convince more clients to choose them as their solar provider. This is also a way for them to support the campaign to go green by the government.

Who Is Eligible to Claim Incentives?

  • Solar panels should be installed in primary or secondary residences in the United States. 
  • Solar panels should be installed from January 2006 to December 2023. 
  • The solar panel should be owned by you. Meaning it should be paid in cash. it can be financed but under your name. Since there are leasing companies that will transfer ownership only upon full payment of the unit. 
  • Solar panels should be in their original state and should be new. 

Does The Government Give You Money For Solar Panels?

Not literally, but the incentives are given in several ways:

  • For federal solar tax credits, they can be claimed for every annual tax payment. Instead of giving it in cash, it will be offset by your tax payables. If your tax is smaller, then the remaining incentive will be created in the next coming year. 
  • For rebates from solar panel companies, they give it as a discount on your purchase. If you pay in full, then you can get the full discount. 
  • For net metering, it will be credited to your account and will be deducted from your bills if you have any. If there is an excess, then it will serve as your electricity reserve. You can request it when you need it. 

Following a guide to the federal tax credit for solar can help you understand the incentive you can have even before getting your solar panel installed. It will be beneficial to know what you can get if you choose a good financial option when purchasing your solar panel system. It can also be helpful if you ask more questions from your chosen solar provider, so they can give you more specific details about what is the best option to avail all the possible incentives.