GM names Doneen McDowell new direct labor negotiator

Typical Motors has named a new UAW labor negotiator as longtime labor manager Scott Sandefur moves to a new job.

Doneen McDowell, 50, changed Sandefur, 58, as vice president of Basic Motors North America Labor Relations powerful Monday.

GM executive Doneen McDowell will replace Scott Sandefur as vice president of General Motors North America Labor Relations effective Feb. 1.

McDowell is currently the executive director for manufacturing SUV and Auto Group. Sandefur will choose above a new part as vice president of Manufacturing Workforce Strategy until he retires.

McDowell is the fourth female to lead GM labor relations. Diana Tremblay was one of the most noteworthy current girls to do so from 2006 by 2009. She negotiated the historic 2007 agreement that created the VEBA, which is a UAW managed hourly retiree health and fitness treatment fund.

UAW’s leading GM negotiator, Terry Dittes, reported Sandefur was a man of “integrity.”