These 12 courses will help you master corporate and personal finance for $40

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Finance can be a touchy subject, especially when you consider how many Americans can’t handle a mid-sized unexpected expense. And yet, both individuals and businesses need to understand how to manage their finances in order to reach their financial goals. The COVID-19 pandemic only further illustrated our poor financial resilience.

However, it’s never too late to build financial resilience. There’s more to it than just budgeting, though. You should know the difference between financial and tax accounting, as well as when to use QuickBooks or Excel. Luckily, The Complete Learn Finance Super Bundle has 12 top-rated courses that will teach you how, and it’s available at the discounted price of $39.99.

This massive bundle features 82 hours of educational content that will teach you how to handle personal and corporate finances effectively. The courses are led by professors, authors, and accountants who have been using the financial principles you’re about to learn for decades. One of these instructors is Chris Harou, a venture capitalist who has raised and managed over $1 billion over his career.

If your goal is to build a bulletproof personal finance plan, you should take The Personal Finance Course: Save, Protect, Make More by Chris Haroun first. You’ll be introduced to three pillars: save money, protect money, and make money. Chris provides strategies to help you decrease expenses and invest in stocks and bonds to make your money work for you. Additionally, you’ll learn how to protect your family and assets through insurance, as well as how to navigate wills, trusts, and estate planning.

Corporate finance is a different beast entirely, and there are many subcategories to learn, depending on your occupation. For example, if you plan on hiring employees for a new business, Financial Accounting: Payroll will show you how to pay them correctly. Alternatively, Hedge and Mutual Fund Careers: The Complete Guide will teach you how to buy stocks like a professional investor and land a job at a hedge or mutual fund.

Whether you’re motivated by your New Year’s resolutions or fear of another national emergency, there’s no better time than the present to improve your financial literacy. The Complete Learn Finance Super Bundle packs 82 hours of content on accounting, financial mathematics, and much more, and it’s on sale for just $39.99 right now.

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