Mark Cuban Just Shared a Seriously Great Plan, but at the Worst Achievable Time

Mark Cuban looking at the camera: Mark Cuban Just Shared a Really Good Idea, but at the Worst Possible Time

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Mark Cuban Just Shared a Actually Fantastic Plan, but at the Worst Attainable Time

Of program, if you experienced poor news you preferred to bury, you could not have picked a improved time.


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If you’ve got experienced superior information to share currently, it truly is been a irritating time.

It really is been really hard to get any person to pay back focus to considerably apart from the election–and the tries to overturn it, and the insurrection, and the 2nd impeachment, and the inauguration … It sucked all the oxygen out of the media ecosystem.

I suppose this was actually great information for people with poor news–scandal, disappointing numbers, for instance–considering that they could launch points with the realistic hope that nobody would notice.

But it also meant it was tricky to get consideration for items that have earned awareness. And that delivers us to Mark Cuban.

You will find no scandal associated this is about a excellent new undertaking he’s involved with. Last week, Cuban tweeted about one particular of his new providers: Mark Cuban Price tag Moreover Drug Company, which is getting billed as a generic drug business in which the primary price proposition is “radical transparency” about how it costs its medicine.

My colleague Jeff Haden wrote about its particulars before, but in a nutshell, Mark Cuban Value Additionally Drug Firm says it will make generic variations of pricey prescription drugs, and offer them on a charge-moreover foundation somewhat than no matter what the market could or else bear: 15 percent over what it charges to manufacture, distribute, and industry the prescription drugs.

By the end of 2021, the firm states it programs to have 100 unique medications on the sector.

The first drug is albendazole, which is applied to treat hookworm — a affliction caused by a worm parasite, “with the most severe impact staying blood reduction that can direct to anemia, protein reduction, cognitive disabilities, and stunted development in little ones,” according to a Baylor College of Medication statement on the firm’s strategies.

Can you visualize if other buyer companies followed this company design?

Imagine if motor vehicle companies promised to provide you vehicles at whatsoever it price to create them as well as a percentage? If airways did? It’s a a lot more frequent pricing method in government contracts, for instance, which is just one cause why this idea seems intriguing.

There’s also the truth that heath treatment prices are a extremely significant stress for most Individuals. In simple fact, health-related debt is by much the most prevalent explanation that 500,000 American family members file for personal bankruptcy safety each and every 12 months, according to a 2019 research.

In terms of drug costs by yourself, Canadian and British persons expend about $884 for each 12 months on prescriptions and related health-related costs in the U.S. it truly is much more like $1,397.

All of which qualified prospects me to conclude that maybe it would have been greater for Cuban and his enterprise to wait around another month ahead of asserting, when all of the other distractions could possibly have died down a little bit.

I suggest, the entire issue of contacting it the Mark Cuban Price tag Furthermore Drug Business is to garner consideration, suitable? Usually, get in touch with it one thing generic and pharmaceutical-ish–I do not know, possibly Healthnovia. Or Drugtopia. We could brainstorm all working day.

Or else, even adhere with the primary title: Osh’s Cost-effective Prescription drugs, named immediately after its primary CEO and founder, Alex Oshmyansky, a medical professional and PhD in arithmetic who received Cuban very first associated with a cold e-mail pitch in 2018.

Appear, I am not likely to advise I know much better than Cuban how to take care of his businesses. He is on Shark Tank I look at Shark Tank.

He is a multibillionaire and a household identify. I’m not.

And, in fairness, he has been chatting about the company a little bit — mentioning it for the duration of a podcast in November, for illustration — but it received a flurry of focus just after the announcement and his tweet on January 13.

But if this short article — published soon after the inauguration, you could possibly recognize — is the initial put you might be hearing about Cuban’s new drug organization, then maybe the fact that it was historically really hard to get attention for any good thought a week or two ago has some thing to do with it.

Continue to keep that in intellect subsequent time you have some superior information to share — or, possibly even much more vital, if you ever have undesirable news to bury.

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