Idea Fair winners announced | Lifestyles

Shawn Jamison

Shawn Jamison, a freshman at Tunstall High School, is the son of Chris and Sharon Jamison. He is a member of the Tunstall High FFA and as a part of his Supervised Agricultural Experience, Jamison mows, trims and takes care of the lawn and garden at his home. Jamison also performs the maintenance on the lawn equipment.

For the Idea Fair project, Jamison developed a battery powered combine/tractor. He focused on reducing production agriculturalists’ carbon footprint while increasing production productivity. Through the use of cost efficient materials in the production of the machinery, it be prosperous for farmers looking for a cheaper way of producing yield. Further, the combine/tractor would reduce the risk of potential gases released into the atmosphere and/or absorbed into the ground and watersheds, as well as, would promote less pollution in the environment.

Jamison plans to attend Virginia Tech as an undergraduate and major in engineering and technology.

Corey Woods

Corey Woods, a senior at Tunstall High School, is the son of Jeff and Beth Woods. He is a member of the Tunstall High FFA and performs indoor and outdoor duties as a part of his Supervised Agricultural Experience.

Woods’ Idea Fair project was Woods Tree Service. As primary owner and operator, Woods would oversee services provided by the business, including tree topping, stump grinding, mulching from wood chippings and tree planting. Woods Tree Service would collaborate with the Virginia Department of Forestry to obtain pine and spruce species, such as Eastern white pine and loblolly pine, as well as dozens of hardwood varieties to help in establishing timber stands, pulpwood crops, Christmas tree plantations, wildlife habitats, stream bank stabilization, urban forests, biodiversity and improvement of watersheds.