Geneva Lake water ski show proposed along with other ideas | Local News

Deanna Goodwin, marketing director for VISIT Lake Geneva, proposed that the city also considers more activities for people who are in their 20’s and 30’s, because that it the age demographic that mostly visits, VISIT Lake Geneva’s website.

“Our largest traffic segment on our website is the 25 and 34 age group,” Goodwin said. “That’s 25 percent of our website traffic, and they’re the ones that have the most disposable income.”

The Business Improvement District also is considering implementing some art-related activities in the downtown area.

Straube proposed having street artists paint the alleys of some of the downtown businesses. She said the artwork could change each season.

Straube said a similar program was started in Miami, and it has attracted many people to the downtown area.

“It brings in people who care about art and culture, and they do bring their kids,” Straube said.

Mayor Charlene Klein proposed a living arts festival, in which high school students could dress up in costume and portray certain paintings.

“I think the schools would love doing this,” Klein said. “Anything where the kids are involved, the parents will come.”

Tarantino said the Business Improvement District would have to obtain city permits before hosting any of the events.